Gynocentrism: 14 Ways of looking At A Feminist

Feminists love to NAFALT and claim that any objectionable feminist position under discussion is not “real feminism,” making feminism itself unknowable apart from the ”equality” truisms. It is possible, however, to list some of the common characteristics of Gynocentrism, an Elemental Feminism if you will, the core positions and beliefs from which all feminisms spring.  These elemental characteristics often contradict each other, and as the inspiration for this essay implies, they are similar to characteristics found in other totalitarian political cults. All one needs is one of these elements to serve as the nucleus for a feminist “thought.” Continue reading Gynocentrism: 14 Ways of looking At A Feminist

Men’s Reproductive Rights: It’s Time

“Being oppressed is the absence of choices.”
–bell hooks

Feminists talk a lot about “reproductive rights.” They use the term to cover their “Equality” agenda on abortion and other topics related to pregnancy. But the fact is that women have all the reproductive rights in the United States. Men have none. Feminists and the right wing traditionalists they hate control the discourse. Both sides ignore or deny this fact. Both of them pretty much sound the same: stand by the woman and her choices. Continue reading Men’s Reproductive Rights: It’s Time

What Cries Of “Misogyny” Say About Feminism

Zvan’s Law:
“The chance of being called a privilege-blind misogynist has a direct correlation with the number of factual arguments you make.”

“Misogyny!” or “Misogynist!” or “You hate women!” They are all the same thing:  typical retorts toward a speaker or commenter from feminists who do not like something they have just heard.  But what does it really mean? Let’s unpack some of the convoluted implications of feminism’s favorite insult. Continue reading What Cries Of “Misogyny” Say About Feminism

What #YesAllWomen Tells Us About Feminism

Update:  The perfect parody–#YesAllCats.

If you need an illustration of how intellectually bankrupt feminism is, look no further than the #YesAllWomen hashtag.  The tweets themselves perfectly encapsulate the solipsism of individual feminists and the internet discussion around #YesAllWomen incorporates some incredibly toxic and entitled feminist behavior.  Misogyny is apparently the primal defining force of their universe, making them blind to any nuance and any suggestion that women are not the only human beings who count. Continue reading What #YesAllWomen Tells Us About Feminism

Lessons From The Abramson Controversy

For anyone who has been under a rock the past few days, The New York Times has abruptly fired Jill Abramson, its controversial first female Executive Editor, and replaced her with a man.  Although no one actually knew any particulars around the firing, the feminist media response was 100% certain:  “It must have been sexism!

Of course it might have been sexism at work. But as hard as it is for women to swallow the news, maybe Abramson was just a bad manager. We may never know for sure. There are certainly questions about pay and style that are relevant, but no facts revealed thus far are determinative of anything other than what NYT management has said.

While taking in all the controversy, it occurred to me that one of the problems women have in the workplace may be their own expectations. Continue reading Lessons From The Abramson Controversy

Indigenous Peoples Day – Some Thoughts

I love our new mayor here in Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges.  We have been fortunate to have great progressive mayors in this city, starting with Hubert Humphrey through Donald Fraser, Sharon Sayles-Belton, and most recently R.T. Rybak.  Mayor Hodges has great potential and a vision of livability and growth that I share (which is why I voted for her).  We do disagree on several issues, though, like her identity politics: Continue reading Indigenous Peoples Day – Some Thoughts

Oppression Olympics Qualifiers – April 26, 2014

Periodically, we will review entrants in the Oppression Olympics, since so many factions in our society claim to be oppressed and rely on victim narratives for their propaganda.  This week was a pretty good one for feminist entries, but aggrieved conservatives also fielded a strong contender.

Continue reading Oppression Olympics Qualifiers – April 26, 2014

What The Woody Allen Controversy Tells Us About Feminism

The usual feminist social justice warriors have been have been exploiting the child abuse charge against Woody Allen, recently renewed by his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow. It has been all over the internet ad infinitum for a few weeks now, with no sign of letting up.  Despite their self-righteousness and certainty, none of them is in a position to know anything.  They are engaging in a full-scale propaganda witch hunt to demonize male sexuality, score points in their war on men and clicks in their war for internet traffic. Continue reading What The Woody Allen Controversy Tells Us About Feminism

Skyler’s Choice

With Breaking Bad’s much-anticipated final episodes starting tonight, it’s a good time to take a look at one of the show’s most controversial characters, Skyler White.  Skyler hate abounds on the internet and among male and female fans I have talked to.  Among Skyler supporters are feminists, who have appropriated parts of her story and the reaction to it for propaganda purposes, and the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, who is on record saying Skyler haters “are misogynists, plain and simple.”   Regardless of that proclamation, there are many legitimate reasons for thinking people to dislike Skyler and for honest feminists to reexamine their uncritical embrace of her. If there is any misogyny at work here, it is clearly in the writing, whether intentionally or not.  Perhaps Gilligan was merely deflecting his own guilt at creating a character so steeped in toxic femininity. Continue reading Skyler’s Choice

No Justice For Trayvon

The jury came back last night in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, finding defendant George Zimmerman “not guilty” of second degree murder or manslaughter.  The Amazing Atheist says it best:

I think George Zimmerman killed that kid. I think it was murder. But what I think doesn’t matter. A jury found that the evidence lacking. So I suck it up and move on.

Continue reading No Justice For Trayvon

Where Were the Female Hotshots?

In a week where the interview with Facebook exec Sheryl (“Lean In”) Sandberg was rebroadcast on 60 Minutes, the internet was abuzz with feminists talking about opportunities for women and whether women can really have it all.  But the most glaring workplace gender bias in the news–19 men dying to protect their community from fire? {crickets…}  When they make that inevitable movie the usual suspects will surely complain how few women were in it, how it doesn’t pass the “Bechdel Test” and how the women characters were minor roles or stereotypes (aka “the girlfriend”).  I can’t think of a more ironic example of oblivious “privilege.”

Caveat Lector – Reproductive Coercion Edition

[Content Note:  Surreal levels of feminist hypocrisy and rationalization]

I promise I will get back to bashing conservatives and religious nuts soon (there’s been a lot going on lately!), but I had to make this the umpteenth feminism post in a row after reading Shakesville today.  There really is no gray area here, folks.  We are either looking at extreme dishonesty, stupidity or delusion. Continue reading Caveat Lector – Reproductive Coercion Edition

Tropes Versus Men: Thoughts On Objectification–Part III

Part I and Part II, in case you missed them.

Submitted for your approval, Kickstarter’s own Fractured Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time, in a far away land called YouTube, Princess Anita was sad. She was spinning out her video stories for free like everyone else, but decided hers were more special and important and she would not be happy unless rewarded with gold. As she was out gathering her gold from the townsfolk, the evil troll people came upon her and threatened her with bad words and rape wishes. Hearing her desperate cries for help, her Feminist Fairie Godmothers came to her rescue. They defeated the troll people with their vaginas and righteous cries of “Misogyny!” and “Patriarchy!” Then they waved their magic wands and created more gold than Princess Anita could have dreamed of and she lived happily ever after. The End.

Just wait until the gold runs out.  Doubtless more drama will ensue. Continue reading Tropes Versus Men: Thoughts On Objectification–Part III

Jon’s Hamm: Thoughts On Objectification–Part II

Part I

So I am contemplating the Adria situation when along comes our friend Alyssa Rosenberg in Slate (“XX-factor ‘What Women Really Think’”) with a post discussing actor Jon Hamm and what we can probably refer to as “Hammgate.” The whole point of the piece was mocking the actor for being ruffled by all the attention the outline of his penis has been getting as an excuse to make tired feminist points about how women have it worse. Its headline: “Jon Hamm Is Being Treated Like an Actress. He Hates It.” Alyssa generally has naiveté problems, like not understanding what genitals are (she claims Game of Thrones is sexist for not showing more penis even though it shows a lot of breasts), but can be really smart when she isn’t guzzling the feminist Kool-Aid. If as a feminist she really believes that the sexes are equal, you would think that Alyssa would have just a little empathy for Jon Hamm being objectified. Not by a long shot. Here’s her take (emphasis mine):

“What makes Hamm different from, say, Anne Hathaway, who had to weather discussion about the appearance of her nipples in her Academy Awards dress, is that Hamm isn’t used to being objectified. He has outrage left to burn, rather than being exhausted by endless appearance-based prying and insane body standards. It might be easy for men to brush off how women are treated when they’re unaffected. But when they’re subject to the same standards, men often discover quickly how difficult to endure they really are.”

Maybe, instead of whining every time he feels objectified, he just saved it up for this particular occasion. Continue reading Jon’s Hamm: Thoughts On Objectification–Part II

Donglegate: Thoughts On Objectification–Part I

Significant feminism-related blog topics have been coming fast and furious lately. In recent weeks, we have seen an instance of alleged sexual harassment at a tech conference blown out of proportion, actors objectified for their bodies, and an overpaid video blogger decrying the portrayal of damsels in distress in old video games. My thoughts on these things gradually became so intertwined that I could not separate one from the other, hence this three-part post in which I get way down in the weeds.

“For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Apparently, Sir Isaac Newton never met Adria Richards, of the “Two Wrongs Make A Right” school of feminism. Continue reading Donglegate: Thoughts On Objectification–Part I

Slut-Shaming! Never Mind The Double Standard

Alyssa Rosenberg is the culture blogger for Think Progress and I read her posts daily to learn from her interesting perspectives on film, television, video games and other cultural phenomena.  She is a feminist, however, and as such is prone to cry “misogyny!” without thinking things through before hitting “publish.”  She has a post today on “Theatrical Slut Shaming…” about The Daily Caller’s criticism of Ashley Judd for doing nude scenes, which I agree is ludicrous.  But apparently Alyssa and her commenters had forgotten a man named Scott Brown.  Alyssa writes:

…It may come as a surprise to the Daily Caller, but actresses don’t generally take their clothes off on-screen as an expression of some sort of groovy seventies lifestyle, or as a way to have sex with people who are not their spouses or partners. Rather, getting asked to take off some or all of your clothes is, for a lot of actors, a frequent requirement of the job, and something that until recently, tended to be asked of women more frequently than men.

…If an actress goes nude for roles frequently, as, say, Lena Dunham has, she’s likely to be the subject of speculation about whether she’s some sort of exhibitionist, rather than whether her nudity enhances her roles, as if there’s no possible creative reason she could have for taking off her clothes or doing sex scenes...

..Attacking Judd for her nude scenes is part and parcel of the right’s current strategy to discredit promising female advocates.

This is typical of multiple comments mentioning Scott Brown:

Have these people already forgotten about GOP Senator Brown for MA, who posed nude back in the day?

It may come as a surprise to Alyssa, but sexism is a two-way street.  At least the commenters remembered the analogous situation, even though they didn’t get the implication correct.  You see, Scott Brown’s Cosmopolitan centerfold was criticized by liberals, including his opponent Elizabeth “I kept my clothes on” Warren.  Please explain how her famous remark was not slut-shaming.  The centerfold was also endlessly mocked by liberals and all the late night comedians.  Were those liberals misandrists?  Are Alyssa and her commenters exposing sexism or participating in a grotesque double standard?  I’m sure Alyssa has a rationalization why it is the former, but it is clearly the latter, a double standard peculiar to conservatives and feminists:  it only matters when it is to our advantage that it matters.  In reality, if it happens to male and female politicians alike, it is not sexism, just prudishness and hypocrisy.

If you read Alyssa regularly, you will recall a few months ago in Slate she had a post in which she argued that even though male authors in the romance genre had to use pseudonyms to sell to female readers, it was outrageously sexist to think female authors in other genres had to use them to boost sales to men:

Rather than coddling male readers and protecting them from the knowledge that they might be consuming the female perspective, maybe it’s time for publishers to treat their readers like adults—and to spend some of those marketing budgets to reset their male readers’ expectations.

This is the same sort of double standard, but with the bonus feminist trope that men need reeducation!  I sense a pattern.  Men and women are equal, but if essentially the same thing happens to both men and women, feminists will always claim it only matters for women.  They do this through trivializing (e.g. objectification) or erasing (i.e. domestic violence and rape) men’s experience.  This must be part and parcel of the feminists’ current strategy to discredit and demonize men through internet propaganda, because even thoughtful feminists like Alyssa do it.

Knowing Alyssa’s blogging, with this post and her mention of differences between male and female nudity at least twice in her Oscar coverage last week, I sense a major post on the topic of nudity in film and television coming on.   It’ll be great as long as she avoids ludicrous false equivalences like the one feminists often make between shots of female breasts (a secondary sex characteristic) and penises (actual genitals–everything a guy’s got).  Normally (9 posts out of 10), Alyssa puts her thinking cap on before the feminist one, so I’ll cross my fingers.

Update:  Alyssa doubles down in a new post that at least acknowledges male politicians, Scott Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura, have been in the same position, but she is still in denial about slut-shaming of males.  Brown, we discussed.  Arnold was slut-shamed as an alleged sexual harasser of women, “The Gropinator.”  Ventura did not escape campaign criticism either when he posed naked in a TV ad as “The Thinker,”  although he later claimed that he used a body-double.  I’m curious why Alyssa is so sure that Ashley’s potential candidacy is “irreparably damaged.”  Maybe she is the one making sexist assumptions!